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17 Seater Minibus Hire Bournemouth And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

17 Seater Minibus Hire Bournemouth And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

Are you are going on a quick holiday with a large group? Do you need a vehicle to carry your clients and collecting hem from the airport? Then this is not a problem at all with us, here at Coach Hire Bournemouth we will get you on time and in style to any chosen destination in Bournemouth of your desires. That means that whether you are coming to town for a holiday getaway or a wedding reception to attend to with the entire bridesmaids, we have the best transport service and drivers you need.

With great years of valuable service experience in the highly competitive transport industry, our 17 and 18 seater minibus hire Bournemouth transport has created a proven and tested professional service for all the different types of transportation resolutions. Not only we do a specialized tour complete with stopovers and transport from one point to another for your school, corporate, and friend groups, we also cover other events that need to transport of a large number of people like a sports event or a special night out happenings.

We also do wedding coverage as a part of our service menu. Our approachable and capable drivers would be delightful to take you and your entourage to your wedding venue, photo op locations, and the reception. We can also go around town to collect all your family and friends to join the ride and take them back home at the very end of the occasion even if it is late at night.

Our values time-saving as well. We have a great emphasis on saving the valuable time of our customer by taking on the planning and organization of the group trip. We take everything seriously, quickly and definitely safely. Even if we will get you to your point of arrival as soon as possible without delay, we guarantee you that you will be safe in our hands through our professional drivers.

Speaking of drivers, our drivers are professionals with countless years of expert passenger transportation experience. We also make sure that they will be able to accommodate different people and their needs. They are fully trained in assisting elderly people, pregnant women, and people with disabilities to get in and out of the bus easily. Also, if you foreign passenger on your trip, we will also do our best to provide a driver who can speak their language to make the traveling easier for you and your foreign guest.

In terms of the pickup location, we can go any place in Bournemouth that you will assign to a pickup station for the guests or the travellers. It can be an airport, bus station, or another area.

Feel free to choose from the incredible line of minibus options. All of our minibuses are comfortable, up-to-date, tailored personally, and come with up to 18 passenger seats and more. Even if you choose our standard minibus, you will still get a special treat with our leather covered seats, carpeted floors, shaded windows, and air conditioning. For an extra treat, our luxury minibus option a has TV / DVD players, full Air-Conditioning and leather padded reclining seats for more comfort and can be customized to be accessible for a passenger with a wheelchair.

Our fleet of minibus transport vehicles has a high safety standard. We have features added to a central locking system like lighting fixtures, easy to use seat belts and GPS tracking.

For details of our services, browse our web page for information. For booking, send us a private message through our email or call us for reservation. We will be waiting for you and we will be prepared to take in your request at Coach Hire Bournemouth.