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One of England's busiest tourist resort towns, Bournemouth identifies as a seaside resort located on the country's southern coast. Covering an expansive 7 miles of beach land, it is a notably throng y tourist hub with people from all walks and culture visiting to have a share of its delicious cuisines, delightful Victorian architecture and picturesque sandy beaches. Bournemouth is also a busy business town with several lucrative enterprises dotting its township. Tourism, however, is its main economic leverage. Among its world-renowned attractions are the Oceanarium Bournemouth, Russell-Cotes Art Gallery, Poole Harbour and Bournemouth Pier.

Is your college class organizing an excursion with Shell Bay as your ultimate destination? Or are you and your mates taking a drive to Furzey Island? Coach Hire Bournemouth is structured to address your precise interests. We possess an incredibly fleet of top class tour coaches with a variety of options in budget, comfort standards and passenger capacity. We have a ready and convenient coach for practically any size of tour group.

Is your company's management offering to take your workforce for a weekend outing at Stour Valley National Reserve so you can replenish your energies? We have unparalleled comfort inclusions in our tour coaches to elevate your trip to unimaginable epitomes. Apart from making our coach seats from the most comfortable soft leather, the seats are designed for easy reclining so you can adopt your most cosy posture in travel. The leg space is also astoundingly lovable with plenty of allowance for free movement.

Are you out on a guided tour of Bournemouth? Savor the tantalizing sights of West Cliff Lift as your tour guide narrates Bournemouth's touching history over the coach's PA. Is you group composed of avid bird lovers? Let our proven and trusty tour coach drivers ferry you as you visit Bournemouth Aviary. Watch explanatory videos of the various bird species in Bournemouth on our coaches' HQ DVD monitors as you traverse Bournemouth toward the aviary.

At Coach Hire Bournemouth we understand that a tour is incomplete without some entertainment and refreshments. In this respect, our tour coaches spot updated music systems as well as lovable drink machines and fridges. Sample you favourite music and sip a chilled drink as you unravel Bournemouth's thrilling marvels like Brownsea Island, fun-filled Boscombe Chine Gardens and awe-instilling engineering feats like St. Peter's Church and the Tower Park. And if you are feeling worn out by the long tour, why don't you freshen up in the coach's in-house vintage washrooms?

We treat your safety with the utmost sensitivity and finesse- our drivers are thoroughly trained and tested then subjected to comprehensive background assessments to ensure we present only the most competent and dependable driver for your tour. Besides, every leg of your journey is constantly tracked by satellite and our coaches are thoroughly serviced before every tour so you can rest assured your tour travel is in safe hands.

If you are a sizeable tourist group in search of money-worth, safe and convenient coach hire, contact Coach Hire Bournemouth to handle your travelling needs. We guarantee a tour flooded with fond memories.